Recipe: Kale linguini with pistachio pesto

A recipe for super green pasta for Soaper Duper – a company specialising in naturally-derived bath and beauty products


Recipe: Isabelle’s blood orange cake

Birthdays mean cake. I like birthday cake. At the risk of sounding like Marjorie Dawes, I like cake in general. l like making cakes for people even more. This week it was a good friend’s birthday, so, unsurprisingly, I decided there should be cake.

Recipe: The best lemon curd

I’ve eaten a lot of lemon curd in my time. A lot. So it was about time I found a good method for making it and here it is: the best-ever lemon curd recipe.

Weekend bake: Pear, vanilla and thyme shortbread tartlets

In between spending an embarrassingly long amount of time on YouTube scratching my latest (and strangest to date) music itch and hauling myself out of bed at 4am to go to Billingsgate Fish Market (it involved wine, which’ll be explained later) I unearthed some mini tart tins that my friend gave to me an age ago and…

Weekend bake: Cherry and chocolate ganache cake with edible trees

I decided a few weeks ago that it had been far too long since I’d done a proper bake and, since this notion coincided with the realisation that I’d missed not one, but two work colleague’s birthdays, a tuesday evening seemed like the perfect time to go a bit mental in the kitchen with an…