The Edible Woman is a 1969 novel by Margaret Atwood that tells the story of Marian, a young woman whose sane, structured, consumerist world starts to slip out of focus when she gets engaged. Marian feels her body and her self are becoming separated and she begins personifying food with human qualities only to find herself unable to eat, repelled by metaphorical cannibalism as she becomes more and more detached from reality.

Emma Sleight: Editor

I’ve worked as many things: sports writer and news co-ordinator at the Olympics; writer of suspect and financially shaky money articles; photographer of the mediocre variety; book reviewer, columnist and critic; broadcast news slave; serial unpaid intern and, in between, website tester, data robot, waitress for a pizza restaurant and an opera house in the middle of the countryside (where I had a career-high moment of serving David Attenborough), PA and, the weirdest one, selling tractor parts for the Plymouth Brethren.


First and foremost I’m a writer, journalist and blogger who suffers from the incurable condition of itchy feet and is passionate about three things: travel, food and culture, which, from escapist travel tales and snatches of original writing to whimsical news stories, music, books and traditional recipes, is what you’ll (hopefully) find here.

I’m currently the food, wine & flowers editor for Marks & Spencer and, yes, that is as fun as it sounds.




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