Saint & Sinner: Mango, almond milk quinoa porridge and Comté & rosemary gnocchi with pine nut garlic butter

My second instalment of saint vs. sinner includes a chunk of 18-month old Comté and a useful recipe for using up left over quinoa.


To The Lighthouse: A Day at Trinity Buoy Wharf

In honour of National Book Day, I went To the Lighthouse to London’s last remaining lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf to discover 10 things to do in this historic Thames-side site.

My Favourite Things: February

The book I couldn’t put down; the drink I could drink forever; someone’s wise words that stuck with me; the place I didn’t want to leave…all of the things I lusted after, adored and coveted last month.

Baking Gluten Savvy Bread with Maria

For a long time now, gluten has beeen seen as the foodie devil incarnate, so I went along to a healthy bread class with Bake with Maria to see if we could learn to be gluten savvy instead of gluten scared.