Dubai in Pictures

I never particularly been madly keen on huge cities. I love a city break as much as the next person and, to be fair, I’ve fallen in love with many a seething metropolis before – Bangkok, Tokyo, Kathmandu, Hanoi, New York and, of course, London to name a few – but the thought of those big neon splattered high rise concrete jungles fills me with a touch of dread. I’m in awe of those modern behemoths like Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai, all shining and irrefutably new.

I’m flying to Dubai today to experience this pristine urban playground first hand, and, in spite of my trepidation, I’m so, so excited.

Here’s a little taster of what this big city has to offer:

Ziggurat Leap of Faith
Image: Flickr/

Dubai Marina
Image: Flickr/BBM Explorer

Spice Souks
Image: Flickr/


Dubai Mall
Image: Flickr/ADTeasdale

4129351332_05fd6d6ff0_b (1)
Image: Flickr/Leandro’s World Tour


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