Nude: Models and Life Drawing

There’s nothing better than drawing people with no clothes on.

The best practise – and practice – for an amateur artist (and probably for a professional as well) is life drawing. It’s a rare opportunity to draw something that’s alive and right in front of you, and yet conveniently still.

ImageReclining Nude, 2007

Drawing nudes from photographs or even other works of art is also fun, but less satisfying and probably less productive. Participating in life drawing itself takes a bit of practise. Anybody who claims not to revert to a sniggering teenager (on the inside, at least) the first time they attempt to draw a naked life model is fibbing. It takes a little getting used to.

They are only human after all, and as such susceptible to boob-jiggling sneezes or willy-wobbling coughs. It’s only natural to find these jiggles and wobbles amusing, but getting beyond this and eventually perceiving the body in front of you as an object to be studied, appreciated, and somehow represented on paper is much more rewarding overall.

I am, frankly, in absolute awe of anybody who has the confidence to bare all in front of a group of strangers – and, not fleetingly, but for an entire hour. Thank you to all those brave (and probably slightly insane) life models – in particular those below, who kindly modelled for me.

ImageSitting, 2007

ImageLeaning, 2008

ImageStudies, 2010

ImagePropped Up, 2010

ImageLooking Back


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