The Art of Erik Johansson: “I don’t capture moments, I capture ideas”

Last month I featured the work of surreal photographer and artist Jee Young Lee (whose exhibition, coincidently, opened Friday 7 February at the OPIOM Gallery in Opio, France) and her immersive, dream scape images and now I’ve been bowled over by the strange and subversive world of Swedish photographer Erik Johansson.

Like Lee, Berlin-based Johansson plunges his fists deep into his own imagination and mixes it fluidly with a kind of distorted reality to produce these unsettling, thought-provoking and always beautiful works of art.

On his website, Johansson says that: “I use photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.” If his mind is full of fish islands, mutated roads, midnight ski slopes and portraits of the human industrialisation of nature then, in my opinion, it’s definitely a place that’s worth a sneak peek.

I’ve collected my favourite compositions below but, if you like what you see, you should  explore the rest of his photographs on his website,

Go on, walk through that wardrobe and fall down that rabbit hole, or at least take a walk through his wonderland on your way to work this morning.

driftingawayDrifting Away. © Erik Johansson

“A safe place, drifting away.”

fiskFishy Island.  © Erik Johansson

long-road (1)Go Your Own Road. © Erik Johansson

tvattBig Laundry Day. © Erik Johansson

snowcover1Snow Cover.  © Erik Johansson

cutandfoldCut and Fold. © Erik Johansson

“Cut along the dotted line”

breakingupBreaking Up. © Erik Johansson

“Breaking up, drifting apart”

expectingwinterExpecting Winter. © Erik Johansson

“Where seasons meet”

vasenArms Break, Vases Don’t. © Erik Johansson

groundbreaking - CopyGroundbreaking. © Erik Johansson

“Let’s go on a field trip”

Click on any of the images to expand to their original size.

Cover image: Set Them Free. © Erik Johansson

“Do the right thing, set them free!”


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