Flower Girls by Elżbieta Wodala


Duszek / Brownie – fragment 1c39b0612bc6e90c1ecef45d6604984a,8,19,0

Duszek / Brownie

Occasionally, when sifting through twitter updates, you’ll stumble across a gem – something so beautiful and magical it grabs your attention utterly and completely.

When I was very little I firmly believed that fairies lived in flowers. I would crouch, perfectly still in my parent’s garden in Hampshire, nose-to-nose with tulips, rosebuds and fuchsia bells, smelling the sun-warmed dirt and summer air heavy with honeysuckle and sweet peas. I was convinced that if I waited long enough and quietly enough, a fairy would push open one of the closely-tucked petals and emerge. But I would always grow impatient and peel open a tulip bud or pop a fuchsia open too soon, only to blame myself for finding them empty.

This is the work of Polish artist Elżbieta Wodala who, on her website, invites you in to her world of ‘uniquely serene art,’ through the looking glass and into a place of ‘Florotypia’ where she re imagines and recreates portraits, landscapes and balletic figures from dead flowers, leaves, petals, seeds and twigs into paintings of her own imagination.



According to her website, “Elzbieta Wodała, who lives in Wrocław, has been creating above 250 artistic compositions by gluing dried parts of different kinds of plants on a white background, since 2004. She has joined to unique leaf art called “Liściaki”  which was invented by Czesław Rodziewicz – Wrocław artist and poet, progressively achieving her own, full of womanly delicacy, recognizable style now.”

“Original works are then used as the unique matrices which are processed by the Author in artistic digital graphics, called FLOROTYPES.”

“Her compositions has been so far presented for 36 individual exhibitions and 2 collectively and on a number of meetings with audience. Were also shown at the University of Nature in Wroclaw.”

“In 2010 she won the first place in the art competition “Annex Artistic Creativity” in Namysłów in the category of art crafts.”

Her website is packed with the dreamlike painting and collages, but here’s a selection of my favourites from her admirable collection and the perfect song to listen to as you watch them, Delibes’ Flower Duet from Lakmé.

All images and artwork from Elżbieta Wodala’s website.


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