A Tribute to Trigger

Yesterday Roger Lloyd-Pack, who will always be Trigger to me, died aged 69.

I was brought up watching Only Fools and Horses and still, even today, find myself unconsciously singing along whenever the theme tune comes on. To me it brings back sharply-focused images of being curled up on the couch in my pyjamas as a child, nestled into the crook of my father’s arm as he laughed, loud and long in childish abandonment at the characters on screen.

I remember that he only laughed like this on special occasions and I would watch, alternately him and the TV, chuckling along at jokes I half understood, wanting to be a part of his rich, rare, all-encompassing laughter.

What I always found truly, genuinely hilarious were the slapstick moments of physical comedy in Only Fools and Horses, when they dropped the chandelier, when they ran around as Batman and Robin, when three-wheeled, yellow monstrosity would come careening round a sharp bend and, of course, that moment of pure comedic beauty that is Del’s pratfall through the bar.

I laughed at this until my stomach ached and it still gets me now. So, in tribute to Trig, who alongside David Jason, made this scene so memorable, here is that snippet of comedy gold.


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