The Montague on the Gardens, Bloomsbury


Sandwiched between the million pound houses on Montague Street in Bloomsbury, bordered by the cultural juggernaut of The British Museum and a secluded, secret garden, The Montague started off as the venture of a ‘crack-brained, addle-pated fellow’ called Christopher Monck in the 17th century and, after burning down and being rebuilt a few times, became a hotel in the 1920’s.

You can forget minimalism, stepping into the four-star Montage feels like you’ve wandered into a Victorian Gentlemen’s club, complete with chandeliers, tapestry and brocade. The Montague is famed for its exceptional afternoon tea and was given a sought after Award of Excellence’ by the prestigious Tea Guild in 2013.
You’ll get more than just tea and cakes here – the signature selection of tea blends come with a special timer to ensure the perfect brew, the scones taste as if they were made by angels and the cakes include some confectionery delights like caramel panna cotta and tiny meringues filled with a decadently dark chocolate ganache. There’re also mandarin macaroons, delicate fruit tarts, crisp éclairs and smoked salmon sandwiches to charm even the tea purist. The perfect way to escape the January rain.

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