The Rules of Writing by Henry Miller

Today I felt the throttle of writer’s block. I had a hundred ideas in my head, none of which had the decency to let me transcribe or scribble them down. I spent the day rushing between botched jobs, might-have-beens and half-arsed attempts. On the bright side, while avoiding pressing writing assignment I managed to clean the kitchen, arrange my drawers and watch five episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race…more on that later.

The late Henry Miller wrote The Tropic of Cancer and Black Spring and was a painter of dreamy, beautifully indistinct watercolours. For now it would be wise to take advice from this literary rule breaker, artist and novelist and read this canon for writers: Miller’s laws of composition, paying particular attention to rule 1. ‘Work on ONE thing at a time until finished.’




2 thoughts on “The Rules of Writing by Henry Miller

  1. Great list! Thanks for sharing. I like especially the part about working with joy, and putting writing above other interests. One thing at a time, would be difficult for me, since I’m blogging and writing short stories at the same time that I’m revising a novel.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a lot in the pipeline! Yes, the line about writing joyously and recklessly appealed to me to…perhaps I should try and write something this evening after all

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