Song for the Day: La Femme Chocolat

A sweet song for a day in January when doing exercise is the last thing on most people’s minds. I walked straight past my running trainers this morning and started the day with custard creams for breakfast.

While January is the time for fitness and nutrition transformations, perhaps you shouldn’t go quite as far as Olivia Ruiz in this song as she calls for someone to: “Prune my hips with an axe, I’ve eaten too much chocolate.”

Chocolate Lover


If you haven’t eaten enough chocolate and this song puts you in the mood for a visit to a patisserie for a coco-high then head to a place where chocolate has become art: the award-winning William Curley in Richmond. Feast on signature cakes like the Tropical Entremet filled with mango bavaroise and passion fruit curd, taste his high quality chocolates or gorge on a decadent afternoon indulgence – a feast at his dessert bar.









Images: © William Curley


New Year Runner

6185816251_56e2021376_bImage: Gordon Robertson

If you’re not quite ready to tackle the London Marathon and you’d rather feast your eyes on views and drink in the countryside then it’s time to start training for one of the most picturesque runs in the UK, the Bennachie Hill Race in Garioch, Scotland.  Organised by the Garioch Road Runners, the race will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary this October and was named one of the Telegraph’s top runs in 2007.


At about 8.3 miles in length the climbs up the wild, heather-covered Scottish crags to a height of 1150ft and costs just £7 to enter.


Image: ©GariochRoadRunner


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