Faces not Places: The Children of Gondar


We stopped in Gondar, the gateway to the Simien Mountains, to stock up on food and essentials (namely a teapot) at the market and I was struck by how beautiful the children were and how genuinely pleased they were to have their picture taken.

Tourists in Gondar are becoming more of a common sight, yet they still retain a touch of the exotic to the local children who crowd round to wave and run along with you as you shop, occasionally, and optimistically, asking for chocolate or cash. I have never said hello more often or waved as much as I did when in Ethiopia, it almost felt like I was experiencing what the Royals must do in official visits. I now see the point in adopting the Queen’s gentle rotation wave to save one’s wrist.

Yes there was poverty in the dust-choked and litter-strewn streets, but there was also a sense of fun as the children posed for my camera and the gasped in delighted glee as I showed them their images painted onto the camera screen.

Here’re my favourites taken during the trip.


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