Trømso, Norway

Nouka and Pacha

In Norway’s frozen north there’s a tiny company offering a unique experience: a window into the life of a dog musher in the frozen depths of Scandinavia.

Alongside Stian, Nieske, Amalia and 23 racing dogs, you’ll be shown the story behind the traditional two-hour tourist dog sledding, from harnessing and caring for your own dog team to lugging vats of drinking water from a half-frozen lake.

In return you’re rewarded with an incomparable chance to bond with these stunning animals and sled in your own small group through some of the north’s most impressive scenery.

These were my lead dogs, Pacha and his on-again off-again girlfriend Nucka. You can see the wolf in them, in their lupine eyes and their rangy, sinewy bodies as they shiver and rear in anticipation of the sprint. When Stian pushes forward you’re off. Barely breathing, sailing over the snow, your sled hissing as it carves through the powder, dogs at your back and dogs at your front, panting and straining, the wind slicing your cheeks as trees like black bars flash past in an endless carousel of black and white, black and white.


The trip with Magnetic North only runs a few times a year during northern lights season.


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