Kathmandu, Nepal

Room with a view
When you find out you’ve been allocated a window seat on a flight it always comes with a side order of smug satisfaction. You become baron of the window blind and lord of light with the power to block everyone else’s view if you fancy a sleep mid-flight. You might be first in line to be blinded by the eyeball-searingly unshielded sun as you swoop to land but you also have the chance to catch glimpses of views like this.

This was the view from my window as we climbed over the Mahabharat mountain range on route to Kathmandu from Delhi. As we scythed through the clouds, vast gulfs of rock, yawning valleys and indigo-stained peaks rose against the distant, milky blob of Mount Everest.

Then it all went a bit Garden State as the plane began a series of pant-wetting, buttock-clenching dips as went went through a patch of ‘thin air’ and my neighbour switched his mobile volume on full and thudded out a tangle of sitars, wailing and Bhangra beats. But who wouldn’t go through a bit of vomit-inducing turbulence to experience a view like this?