Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam

Welcome to the house of fun

This house might look like a Quentin Blake drawing that’s leapt straight from the pages of a Roald Dahl, or one of Studio Ghibli’s creations on crack, but it’s actually the brainchild of Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga and is a fully-functioning hotel in Dalat, Vietnam.

The building is based around a giant, man-made Banyan trunk whose warped branches twist and knot to create skywalks, bridges, caverns and caves filled with fairy-sized windows and animal-themed rooms.

Interior Crazy HouseEverything here is designed, hand-crafted and suited to each individual room, from the tiger’s glowing red eye in the tiger bedroom to the giant kangaroo who has a fireplace in its stomach in the, yes you’ve guessed it, kangaroo room.

Apparently, Nga was inspired by the works of Gaudi and the landscape surrounding Dalat, and she managed to accumulate a hefty amount of debt building it, hence its transformation into a hotel in 1990.

If it’s all a bit too Dali, Disney or just plain bonkers for you to stay overnight, do as I did and visit for a few hours to fall down the rabbit hole and get utterly and completely lost in this organic labyrinth. When I visited, a ticket was just 35,000 VND – the best £1 I spent in Dalat.

Crazy House


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