The Baglioni Hotel, London

The Brunello Restaurant

‘An Italian heart beats in the heart of London.’

This luxurious haunt has an undeniably Italian flavour. That’s not to say that when you arrive you’re surrounded by Italian stallions calling you amore mio and trying to persuade you back to the family pad for a bit of how’s your father before mama comes home, more that the service here comes with a Mediterranean twinkle.

The Brunello restaurant is flanked by an impressive fireplace, statement bar and is strewn with plush velvet chairs, Murano glass candelabras and more gleaming gold and platinum than Harrods’ jewellery counter. Yet it’s all done with exquisite taste – think more Versace than Nancy Dell’Olio.

The cocktail list has everything, from a French 75 and a mean Bellini to bottles of Italian sparkling wine crafted in the same way as Champagne. Drinks were punctuated by a flow of delectable finger food: charcuterie, fat green olives, chunks of crumbling parmesan and ribbons of lightly-fried squid and courgette, all delivered as smoothly and as slick as top quality olive oil. Ok, so I’m running out of Italian references now, but if you ever feel like escaping to Rome but can’t afford the flight, then The Baglioni is a safe London bet.


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