Painswick Court, The Cotswolds

The Court House
In an impossibly pretty village perched in a picturesque valley along the Cotswolds Way stands The Court House Manor. Carved out of honey-coloured Cotswold stone and saturated with history from the musket hole in the Game of Thrones-style oak door and the original panels in the old court room to the ghosts (King Charles I and his armoured guards if you’re wondering)  that wander the manicured gardens after dark, The Court House is all quiet elegance and pure escapism.
The new owners might have given the old place a facelift with a gleaming kitchen, sauna and cinema room and the Maharajah TV tent on the terrace but this bed and breakfast has what the weekend, country traveller craves in spades: luxurious bedrooms, period features and enough nooks, crannies and secret corridors to keep the average couple entertained for hours. All rise who fancy a retreat at this manor, I know I’m certainly guilty as charged.

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